Indie Bedroom Aesthetic Decor Ideas

Have you been wondering what is actually an indie style? Well it is kind a fusion of vintage, bohemian, and modern. More uniquely, this is a style which leaves  a lot of creative decisions to the decorator, so this theme is a great option for anyone who loves to be creative.  Inspired by funky patterns, muted colors, and antique touches, the style combines your favorite trends in one killer arrangement. Fill the walls with as many colorful pictures and posters as possible.  A picture wall is a great way to incorporate good memories and add touches of personability to the room’s decor and they are great conversation starters too. You can frequently and easily change the wall decor and room colors too according to your mood, that is also the reason why indie aesthetic room decor is so fun and popular.

Idea 1: Stars Decor On Wall And Ceiling

If you love stargazing, wouldn’t it be charming to look up at your ceiling and around the wall to see a sky spangled with stars? Here we use paper crafted stars as a creative decor to turn your room into a heavenly piece of art.

Idea 2 – Hanging Plants

Consider adding visual interest by hanging greenery from the ceiling, this will add instant greenery to your room and dimensions to your indie inspired style.

Idea 3 – Lean A Large, Antique Style Mirror Against A Wall

If you’re designing a space with a laid back, unfitted feel, leaning a large, antique-style mirror against a wall can be an effective way to display mirrors. It will expand the space instantly plus give a vintage vibe to your room. 

Idea 4 – Picture Wall

Photos don’t have to be reserved for frames. You can casually but artistically hang your best frameless snaps, favourite posters and post cards on the wall for a fun look.

Idea 5 – Ladder Shelves

Make the most of your space with a ladder shelf that can be used to hold plants, books and more. If you do have a constraint of space, a ladder shelf is great for storage and also act as a vertical green display of your lovely plants.

Idea 6 – Your Sacred corner

All of us need a space of our own where you spend your quiet time to reflect and some to meditate. You can consider decorating this space such as scriptures, journals, dried flowers, candles and plants to enhance the ambience.

Idea 7 – Subdued Soft Colors

With quite a number of display on wall and ceiling, do consider soft colors to balance the look. White and beige are nice color and here we use plain white for  the beddings to create a calming and neutral effect to the room.

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