Industrial Chic Home Living Design Ideas

Originate from factories and industrial warehouses, today’s industrial home living has become more chic and attractive and it has become one of the popular home decor styles. Depending on individual preference, sometimes this is carried throughout the space or just included in the form of smaller elements in the house. Either way, there are some key characteristics to industrial decor that should be considered when designing a space that is intended to fit this style — as well as your own!

Idea 1: Neutral Tone

Simply put, industrial interior is non pretensious, exposing the raw and nature-inspired neutrality which is fundamentally the earth-toned neutrals – browns, greys, blacks. Although the colors themselves can be harsh, the industrial space can actually feel softened with warmer, lighter versions of those colors.

Idea 2: Modern Industrial Solid Wood Sliding Door

This work of art is one of the highlights to your modern industrial chic home. Made of solid pine wood, these wooden slabs are highly decorative and suitable as separators, kitchen entry doors and balcony doors. 

Idea 3: Exposed pipes and brick walls

Wondering what are the characteristics of industrial style? Well it is all about exposed brick walls, unfinished and rough surfaces and of course open pipes and other things that are similar. You won’t be afraid to show pipes and other things that are usually hidden in walls. They will fit perfectly into your interiors.

Idea 4: Audio Corner

Isn’t it cool to have your own cozy audio corner where all your sound equipments are placed? The exposed speaker and amplifer in this space just add such style and taste to the modern industrial look.

Idea 5: Plush Sofa and Pillows

When you think of industrial interiors, you probably don’t imagine soft beds, plush sofas, or fluffy blankets. But that doesn’t have to be the case! To design a space that is both industrial and comfortable, start your room off with foundational furniture that prioritizes comfort. A grey plush sofa with a mixture of pillows adds comfort but still feels on-brand with the industrial vibe.

Idea 6: Matching Wooden Bookshelves and Study Desk

Pulling the look of this space together are the dark-coloured metal beams of the bookshelves, lamps, and seats. The matching plywood-stacked, laminate-topped bookshelves and study desk also play off the monochromatic look. 

Idea 7: Add Color with Plants

While industrial design is often associated with the absence of color, all that grey can start to feel frigid in an open space. An easy way to infuse color into industrial spaces is by adding plants! Plants will bring both greenery and a sense of life to your space but won’t overtake the room with color – it’s the best of both worlds. This is a great way to liven up an industrial space while still keeping the integrity of the style intact.

Idea 8: Industrial Metal Bins

These bins are a great addition in the kitchen to express the industrial feel. Not only are they aesthetically pretty, they are functional and sturdy too. Great for using as rubbish and recycle bins.

Idea 9: Creative Photo Wall

Decorate a section of your bathroom wall with your lovely family photos. Not only does it soften the industrial feel of the space and decorative, it is a great way to bring back precious memories of the old times.

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