Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

Don’t be afraid of bringing color to your kitchen! Especially since it is the center of the home. Cabinets don’t always have to be white or some other neutral color. Colored cabinets are a fabulous choice, with the potential to create both a look you love plus give your room a durable and easy-care finish. Different kitchen cabinet colors have particular benefits you may wish to exploit in your room design. Some can brighten and visually enlarge the room, while others make cleaning a less frequent necessity. Let’s look at some examples together.

Neutral Colors

The latest go-to neutral, gray and beige works wonders in kitchens. They are low-key and soothing, creating a calm cooking space. Whichever neutral color you choose, the options for accents are endless. If you prefer to keep the whole room neutral for a uniform and uncluttered look, choose light-colored cabinetry, pale countertops and a subtle backsplash.

Embrace Nature With Green

Green kitchen cabinet colors can range from the freshness of mint, through the earthiness of sage, to deep foliage green. Connecting us to nature, green can be a soothing shade, whichever version you choose, and make kitchen cabinets a fabulous feature of the scheme, rather than a subtle backdrop to colorful backsplashes or kitchen flooring. They’re practical, too. Green painted cabinets can be forgiving of marks and grime to reduce cleaning time. A small kitchen can feel larger if you go for a lighter take on green.

Two Tones

A two-tone scheme allows extra definition and interest without overcomplicating. As dark colors take up more space visually, use the darker shade below eyeline, and a lighter shade that’s closer to the wall color above; it will help break up expanses of cabinetry and feel calmer and less blocky.

Opt For Warm Yellow

Bolder, brighter and warmer shades are a growing trend as kitchen cabinet paint colors. These bright shades can be used for the entire room or for sections – such as incorporated into kitchen island ideas and set against a neutral backdrop of white or charcoal. They’re energetic shades that can be the perfect backdrop for a kitchen where family and friends gather.

Your Favorite Color

Committing to a bright color requires time, effort, and a whole lot of tester pots. Bear in mind that you’re looking for a shade that will make your heart sing every time you’re in the kitchen. Once you’ve narrowed it down, put your chosen color on a trial door or very large sample and live with it for a few days to make sure it’s the one. Here, this pastel pink color sets the scene for the rest of the scheme. This controversial hue can actually form a reliable background color that channels anything from a contemporary to a classical country-house spirit, as long as you find the right tone for the kitchens space and the light.

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