Living Room Color Schemes Ideas

Start off room color ideas by building a complementary palette of timeless tones and classic shades, then add accent hues to create bold effects on a mood board. Collate images, swatches, fabric and photographs to paint a picture of your desired scheme. This allows you to marry finishes together to ensure all your living room paint ideas work as one. Check out these inspiring living room color schemes and ideas that are guaranteed to add vibrancy to your interiors.

Neutral with Earthy Shades

Sandy shades are very usable living room color ideas and work well as part of an earthy palette, coupled with terra cottas or warm cinnamon, or even splashes of bright teal and zesty orange. They can stand alone, providing a calm, neutral backdrop onto which you can layer accent colors like sunflower. Or use harmonious tones of sandstone, beige or taupe for multi-layered beige living room ideas that bring in other off-white or neutral tones.

Timeless Grey

Grey living room ideas are enduringly popular, and it’s easy to see why – this neutral shade suits most spaces, although it is important to choose the right tone. Grey isn’t a tricky living room color to get right however, it is important to pick a grey that suits your room’s natural daylight. A cool, North- or East-facing room will really benefit from a gray – however light or dark – with a hint of yellow pigment; a South- or West-facing space can take a cooler shade that has a hint of blue – although I would always advise a warmer shade for a living room, which is intended to feel inviting.

Neutral with Laid Back Look

Reinvigorate your living room with a fresh and soothing color palette of limestone, lichen and sage. Choose a subtle shade of limestone for walls, then layer different but tonal shades of creams or greens on furnishings to create a restful scheme. A patterned couch will add a punchy highlight to neutral living room ideas; layer it with cushions depicting foliage and forest scenery. Finally, bring the garden indoors: mix plants and cacti with fresh spring blooms and accessorize with striking botanical prints, faux coral and crystal geodes for a scheme that is at one with nature.

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