Minimalist Room Decor Ideas

When you’re surrounded by clutter—even if that’s just piles of clothes or too tightly-packed furniture—you’re left feeling stressed overwhelmed. When we talk about minimalist bedroom, it is actually a design style characterized by a less-is-more, simple approach devoid of ornamentation. It’s highly reductive, focusing on incorporating only the essential and necessary elements and getting rid of excess (i.e., decluttering) which will help to turn your room to be the relaxing, uncluttered paradise that let you unwind and rejuvenate. So what exactly do you need to achieve the minimalist bedroom look?

Idea 1: Anchor the Room with a Large Simple Rug

Tie a room together with a large plan rug. When everything else remains sparse, a rug can serve as a focal point for the room.

Idea 2: Keep Nightstands Neat

Keep minimal items on the nightstand to create neat and tidy look.

Idea 3: Keep Furniture Low to the Ground

Choose low-slung furniture to create the impression of high ceilings. This strategy is especially helpful if your bed is also positioned closer to the ground, for cohesiveness.

Idea 4: Bring the Outside In

With some sculptural greenery in a pot, planter, or vase, add calm and a closer connection to the natural world.

Idea 5: Stick to an All-White Palette

Layer tone-on-tone textures, like bedding, pillows, throws, and rugs all in shades of white. Nothing says minimal, clean slate like white.

Idea 6: Dressing Mirror

The simplicity of this dressing mirror allows less distraction from your outfit as well as visually enlarging the room space, complementing well with minimalist styles.

Idea 7: Stick to a Neutral Palette

Keep your color palette to a few muted shades and touches of white for a soothing space. Pattern and texture are encouraged, though try to keep décor items within the same color family.

Idea 8:Make Your Bed Minimally

Keep your bedding simple. White linen sheets and a wool throw are just what you need to achieve the minimalist look. When in doubt, choose a low-slung platform bed to make your space feel zen.

Idea 9:  Reduce the amount of clutter on any surface area

How much is sitting on your bedside table right now? Probably more than there should be for a stress-free environment. The main items on your bedside table should be a glass of water, a book or magazine, and your bedside table lighting.

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