Mix & Match Pillows By Colors

Do you feel like having a change or freshen up your home with minimal effort? Yes you can do so with just Throw Pillows! And that explains why I have a collection of throw pillow covers at home so anytime I can do a little upgrade by accessorizing my living area with them!When it comes to pillow matching, a common concept people have is that the colors, textures and patterns must be identical. Actually nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you can achieve a more professional, stylish look if they don’t. 

Using the same backdrop and couch, here are some real examples to mix and match decorative pillows mainly by color scheme which gives a look that is coordinated but not matchy-matchy.

Tips: Choose a color palette that speaks to you and coordinates with the rest of your room. Once you’ve chosen a color concept, pick three distinct colors from different parts of the room like the wall, rug, bedding or curtains. If you select a variety of pillows in various patterns, the look will still be cohesive if they share the same colors.

3 common colors from this example: Grey, Black and White

Color Theme 1: Yellow

This lemon yellow pillow cover freshen up the space and as you can see, we only need to use one yellow cover to match with the rest that are in grey and white so that it does not feel overpowering. As I am using all same size pillows, so I have used geometric patterns to brighten things up!

Color Theme 2: Beige & Brown

Beige colors are soothing to the eyes but if is purely beige with the backdrop of grey and white, that will be too dull. So here I add a slightly darker brown pillow cover and a little round cushion to make the overall look more outstanding.

Color Theme 3: Green

I am sure most homes have some plants be it real or faux. So having green color theme for your pillow covers will compliments well with your home decor. Instead of going for complex patterns, simply use plain green pillow covers that have a different texture like velvet or simple words sewn on them. I have also added a triangular shape cushion in olive green as a highlight to the overall look.

Color Theme 4: Black & White

This color theme can be too cold especially on a grey couch. However by having a louder black and white geometric pattern can give a good contrast and showcase your style. You can recycle the lighter colored geometric pattern pillow covers that we have used earlier to mix and match.

Color Theme 5: Caramel Brown

Here we are playing with all three elements – textures, shapes and patterns. Caramel brown is a stronger tone of brown but by contrasting with different textures and patterns, this somehow give a well balanced look and a touch of bohemian style.

Color Theme 6: Pastel Pink

A very sweet gentle look with pastel colored pillow covers. Here we uses light colored ones that focus on textures like velvet and faint wordings.  Very feminine and soothing to the eyes. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to find something that you love and speaks to you! Remember, there really isn’t a single magic formula to mix and match throw pillows so don’t be afraid to experiment ! With a little trial and error, you’ll ultimately be able to find just the right patterns, colors, and shapes that reflect your unique personality. Pillow mixing is a wonderfully inexpensive way to change the look of any room. Hope these tips and tricks helps! Enjoy the process 🙂

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