Modern and Stylish Laundry Room Design Ideas

Laundry room has commonly been overlooked since it is an area that is hidden in a corner of the house. However homeowners have started to change their attitude about it in recent years, afterall we do spend a decent number of hours in the laundry room, especially if you have a big family. We hope that the following laundry room examples will spark your creativity and inspire you to turn your laundry room into an efficient, well-designed space that represents your family’s style and needs. All you need is a little laundry room decor to spruce up the room and give it new life. Who knows, it might just become your new secret oasis.

This room is the fusion of traditional and trendy, the teal wooden cabinets go perfectly with the wooden flooring. With the use of open shelving to display family pictures and also some plants, the laundry room just feel warm and welcoming.

Moroccan inspired tile backsplash is both eye catching and add a big dose of character to the laundry room space. Both the green cabinets and wall match well with the backsplash colors and designs.

Using the most neutral colors – Black, white and brown, this laundry room is modern looking and soothing to the eyes. Pay attention to the little decor items that you can introduce such as the natural seagrass baskets and little stool which enhance the look.

Do consider installing a beautiful laundry sink if space allows. Laundry sinks are fantastic for hand-washing delicates, soaking stained items, pre-washing clothes, cleaning up paint brushes, washing off dirty shoes and taking care of kid and pet accidents. When considering laundry sinks, you want to look for a stain-resistant sink with a deep bowl. The one you see here with white painted wooden panels are a great decoration for the room.

A stylish area rug adds coziness to your laundry room and is comfy for your feet while you are doing your laundry. The large “Laundry Co” signage also added more style to the space.

The striped cotton rug is perfect for this farmhouse laundry room. The sage green eucalyptus accents, house plants and Farmhouse wreath are pretty natural decorations for the laundry room.

A compact modern stylish looking laundry room design that is ideal for small space. A folding area and a cabinet to store all the essentials and laundry basket.

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