Modern Dining Room Design & Decor Ideas

A dining room can be a center of family life, a place where family and friends enjoy their meals and conversation.  Your dining room has the potential to be one of the most-frequented rooms in your home so it is important to make it practical, functional and beautiful. There are two basic types of modern dining rooms, – open dining areas and formal dining rooms that are used for large family gatherings, during holidays and for special events. Formal dining room may sound rigid and traditional which only caters for fancy events only but over the years, the trend has changed and people prefer to opt for modern dining spaces which can be as classy and alluring as traditional dining rooms, but a little more approachable. 

Idea 1 – Essential Pendant Light

One of the eye catching items of a modern dining room is a great pendant light over the dining table. It adds a focal point and a decorative design element to the room, it helps define the space, and can eliminate the use of downlights.

Idea 2 – Tablecloth

A long tablecloth instantly improves a less-than-perfect table and adds a note of elegance for a special event, like a dinner party. Exceptional tabletops require no dressing at all. But sometimes you might want the softness of a tablecloth but not too formal so you can choose a short one instead which in this example goes well  well with the rest of this dining room’s historic decor.

Idea 3 – Modern Art

This beautiful dining room features a vibrant modern piece of arwork that plays wonderfully with the ultra-contemporary dining set. A modern dining room is a great place to display works of art to give the space dimension and texture. . Modern furniture is often comprised of stark lines and sleek angles, which could make a room feel stark and cold. But by adding a pop of color with an oversized piece of art, you can create a warmer, cozier look while maintaining a contemporary tone. 

Idea 4 – Unfinished Wooden Benches

There are many ways to make these spaces more creative by using unfinished wooden benches which is aesthetically interesting and make your dining space less formal and more welcoming.

Idea 5 – Light Colored Paints

Light paint colors are great for ceiling and wall designs in dining rooms, which create beautiful and modern dining experience. Light paint colors raise the ceiling and make living spaces feel airier and more spacious. 

Idea 6 – Round Table For Constraint Space

If you do not have a lot of space in your dining room, it is best to opt for a round table. No sharp corners and soft edges for flow of traffic.

Idea 7 – Large Windows

Large windows with gorgeous views and  black modern window treatments are modern trends in decorating dining rooms.  Having large windows alllow more light to shine in, making the area feel warm and cozy.

Idea 8 – Simple Modern Furnitures

If you have an open concept floor plan, a modern dining room is a great choice as it can create a seamless flow from dining to living space. Here it features a neutral raw wood table paired with unqiue canva chairs. When you opt for simple modern furniture, these can add simple yet virtual interest to keep the space warm and welcoming. 

Idea 9 – Marble Table

Not only is a marble dining table elegant and modern, but it’s also easier to clean and perfect for the dining room. We love the use of a modern marble table here that enhance the luxurious ambience of this dining area. Marble is also a great choice if you are searching for a table that plays well with modern embellishments like gold or brass.

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