Modern English Country Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas and Tips

If you love style that is warm, comfortable, and beautiful, you will likely adore English Country Farmhouse style. It is a tastefully decorated cooking space that feels both welcoming and elegant. You can incorporate vintage collectibles such as pot rack and old crockery to enhance the English touches but for a modern twist, the use of pastel hues in blues, greens, and pinks is a great way to create an English country feel that is a bit lighter and brighter. Here are some ideas and tips to achieve the English country kitchen look.

Use soft and subdued colors

Soft, muted colors are typically used in a English Country Kitchen, largely because these are colors taken from a provincial landscape. Here we use warm natural textures, wood painted in white and pastel blue for our cabinets as cabinetry tends to take up the most visual space in a kitchen and it display a mixture of an authentic English country and farmhouse feel.

Decorate with fresh flowers

Incorporating vases of fresh wildflowers, roses or lavender on a kitchen counter, island or table to enrich the English country feel. Potted herbs, ivy and other greenery add a country garden look to your kitchen. The color palettes of flowers add life and positive vibes to your kitchen space.

Invest in Wooden Furnitures

English country-style kitchens have their origins in farming communities and rural cottages that dotted the English countryside hundreds of years ago. Being close to the countryside, nothing is quite as charming with furnitures made with natural elements such as a worn pine table, old wooden chairs, or bench seating. Remember, the key to a successful English country kitchen is to conveys a serene, homey feel, with attention to comfort. 

Add Antique and Vintage Details

English country kitchens are popular because of their eclectic style. To help make your country kitchen look aged instead of brand spanking new, add some antique details like an distressed bronze or gold antique faucet, well loved copper pots and English transferware. Use vintage crockery for storing utensils and daily essentials such as flour, sugar and coffee!

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