Modern Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ideas

The holidays are here and Christmas spirit is at an all-time high. Christmas holiday decorations are all about evoking that cheer and warmth the season brings throughout your own home. Even if you’re set on farmhouse style, your tree should reflect your taste and personality no matter which direction you go in. Let’s jump right into simple ways you can add farmhouse style to your Christmas tree this season!

Keep It Neutral

The easiest way to incorporate a more modern feel into your Christmas tree décor is to choose neutral colors. Most farmhouse rooms have mostly white color palette so I kept that in mind when setting out to decorate a farmhouse Christmas tree. Keeping the color scheme simple helps keep the room feel less cluttered and loud. To make your home feel even more cohesive, plan your gift wrapping paper to coordinate with your tree decor.

Simple and Minimal

Choosing a Christmas tree that looks more sparse is a great starting point to start your modern farmhouse Christmas tree. Another great way to decorate with simplicity in mind is by adding only a few statement ornaments.


Roll out the ribbon! Ribbon makes a perfect Christmas tree garland! It instantly establishes this tree with Farmhouse style, and all you had to do was unroll it and wrap it around the tree. So easy! I like to tuck the ribbon in here and there to give it a bit of dimension. Be sure to get plenty, while some elements of farmhouse style err on the side of less is more, this is one part where you definitely don’t want it to look skimpy!


Hang only the ornaments that matter to you and fit your theme. Traditionally farmhouse trees are uncomplicated, and you don’t want to overwhelm them with baubles. So chose to keep it simple and put on ornaments, photos that have significance to you and yet fit with the color scheme and style.


When in doubt add some sparkle! There is nothing that gets us in the Christmas spirit faster than seeing the light of the Christmas tree as well as ornaments that reflects light. Keeping simple to adding either gold or silver will complement well with the mostly white palette of farmhouse home decor style.

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