Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Inspirations

Modern farmhouse style combines the benefits of a relaxed farmhouse style with the elegant and minimalist elements of modern style. Decorating a modern farmhouse kitchen can be very easy due to the minimalist nature. If you want a stunning kitchen that is aesthetically pleasing without the need for a ton of decorative items, this design style is worth considering.

Light Fixtures

You’ll want to make sure to have as much natural light in your space as possible, whether through windows, glass doors or skylights. But statement lighting can also have its place in modern farmhouse style. Consider bright white light fixtures, pewter, brass or copper with a matte finish.

Blue and Green Cabinets

Blue cabinets have been all the rage lately, and for good reason. Pairing blue cabinets with white and brass adds a sense of luxury and classiness to any kitchen space. An unique shade of green cabinetry does give the space a personal touch, bringing the outdoors in.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

One thing is for certain: a modern farmhouse kitchen needs a modern farmhouse sink. Get the look of a crisp white vintage farmhouse sink without sacrificing all the modern benefits.

Decorative Patterns

Speaking of colours, why just choose a solid colour? A busy pattern harkens back to traditional farmhouse curtains and upholstery, whether in gingham, paisley, or other floral prints. Be sure to pick a bold pattern within your chosen colour scheme and go with it. The right prints can bring a minimalist modern kitchen to a country chic farmhouse, especially when paired against crisp white subway tiles and other monotone areas in the kitchen.

Simple Wood Cabinets

Craftsman-style or Shaker kitchen cabinets are known for their simple lines, which make them a great example of blending the rustic farmhouse look with modern sensibilities. They are practical, easy to clean, and very stylish. You can choose to pair cabinetry with antique-inspired or industrial hardware. Leave the wood natural or paint them to match the colours in the rest of your kitchen.

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