Nature Room Aesthetic Designs

Love the outdoors? Bring them in with elegant forest room and nature theme room ideas. Bringing nature into your bedrooms with decor is timeless, chic, and soothing. Natural home decor comes in many forms. The most obvious is live plants, but that’s just the beginning. Incorporating natural materials such as wood into your decor scheme is another solution. You can also add natural fiber textiles and prints inspired by nature. We hope these nature room aesthetic designs will inspire you to beautify your bedrooms naturally too!

Design 1: Rattan Accents

Rattan is literally sourced from the coast (it’s a beach plant); in a room, it’s the perfect “nature” accessory. How stunning it is to have these ratten lantern covers for your hanging plants which really become the highlights of these nature themed room. Those ratten baskets and mats are practical and ‘natural’ way to decorate your room.

Design 2: Clean White with Natural Fibers, Wood and Plants

An airy, white room is refreshing, while simple, this palette is all you need to create a sophisticated room with a natural feel. The brown wooden materials and colors can be found in the accessories such as the wall decor, pendant lamps and plant stand.

Design 3: Contemporary Grey Natural Bedroom Full of Texture

There is so much goodness in this design that it is tough to know where to start. The key to this fabulous design is texture. Lots and lots of texture. Pillows and throw blanket of different texture such as plush woven rope material, both short and long faux fur ones. The soft cozy texture of the fur rug is a great addition too. The star shape hanging lights are the focal point of this bedroom and bringing in the outdoor nature ‘stars’ into the bedroom. Last, but certainly not least, the black and white photo wall art draw the eye up and open the room.

Design 4: Textural Sand and Sunshine Bedroom With Plenty of Plants

This simple, light-colored wood study table and chair at the corner of your room and plenty of leafy greenery add up to a perfect combination. This is a great example that natural surroundings can blend perfectly in the room and one of the keys to pulling off an indoor garden is to choose low-maintenance plants that require minimal watering and partial sun. Hanging wall decor of plants and butterflies are a great addition to the theme too.

Design 5: Indoor Tree

An indoor tree is your best bet for bringing nature in. Most don’t require much sun or water and are easy to take care of, but if you’re really not the green thumb type, an artificial tree is the next best thing. Either way, plants are best paired with rustic planters and natural beddings like the room shown here.

Design 6: Ultra Cozy and Plush Rustic Bedroom

Nature is all around in this beautiful menagerie – from the rustic wooden bedframe to the smattering of leafy air plants across the floating shelf to the modern artwork. The wooden stools are perfect to work bedside stands for your plants. But the most interesting of them all is the beige large circle painted on the bedroom wall which is the backdrop of all the plants and it becomes the center of attraction in the entire bedroom.

Design 7: Natural Oasis Reading Corner

Have you ever seen a resting chair this inviting in a bedroom?  It makes you want to dive in and curl up with a good book. Also these extra large fluffy natural dried pampas grass in these ceramic vases truely enhance the natural look and elevate the cozyness in the room.

Design 8: Warm Neutral Colors With Dark Leafy Green

The natural walnut brown of the study table, the floating shelf together with the terra cota pots contrast perfectly with all the dark green plants on and around the study area. The emerald green chair is a nice addition to bring out the nature theme of the study corner of your bedroom.

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