Neutral Bedroom Decor Ideas

Neutral bedroom decor is becoming more and more popular as people seek to create a calming, earthy aesthetic in their homes. Instead of bright colors and complicated designs, neutral decorating is all about creating a simple functional interior using brown, beige, and cream tones. The design doesn’t have to be boring, as you can play around with different patterns and textures to create an interesting interior design. Be inspired by these neutral bedroom ideas that will leave your feeling cool, calm and collected.


Instead of white, look to the neutrals like soft grey, taupe, camel, milk, beige, clay, ecru and more. The even better news is that you can (and should) use colors like blue, pink, green and yellow. You just need to have the saturation turned down so much they that read as calm and neutral. They whisper ‘color’. They’re using their indoor voice.


One of the ideas I love for neutral bedrooms is laying down a tribal or oriental-patterned rug. It brings such a nice element of surprise to the space. Textured rugs can give the illusion of pattern through the type of weave they’re made from. Feature pattern in wallpaper (yes, wallpaper is a must-try!), cushions on your bed, the throw blanket you lay over a muted quilt cover, and more.


You obviously want to explore a whole medley of textures when considering your neutral bedroom decorating ideas. Soft linens, warm timbers, rattan, clay and ceramics – you name it. You’ll want a variety of finishes as well: matte and gloss, rough and smooth, hard and soft. Don’t go all-in on just one of those qualities. Let a little of each have a moment.


A neutral bedroom can often feel a little mass-produced, especially if you’re designing the room from scratch and everything in it is from a major department store. The best way to counteract that is to bring in one piece of vintage furniture or decor. A bench seat at the end of the bed, a vintage cabinet, an interesting tapestry on the wall. That will make the space so character-filled, and half the fun is in trawling the stores to find the perfect piece anyway.

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