Nordic Christmas Decorations

Nordic christmas decorations make the most beautiful impact through their quiet, sophisticated simplicity. So to keep your dose of hygge high, we have rounded up the most stunning Christmas decoration ideas that bring all of the best Scandi-style vibes to your space, whether you’re working with a small rental or sprucing up your family home.

Add Foliage Above Your Mantelpiece or Shelves

You don’t necessarily need to have chestnuts roasting on an open-fire to appreciate your fireplace. Whether you just want to admire the roaring embers, or this spot is for decoration only, make it look extra-pretty this party season by dressing it with some frost-effect foliage. You can either go down to the woods for some wild greenery or seek faux, shop-bought, Christmas mantel decor. If you don’t have a fireplace at home, there are plenty of alternatives to hanging your traditional wreaths and stockings. They look just as good on the shelves too.

DIY Light Up Stars

You can get creative with paper and scissors to make your own paper stars or you could definitely cheat with these decorations from Swedish store such as Ikea. They come in the very Scandi-friendly shades of white and in different size and shapes too.

Evergreen Everywhere

We are talking wreaths, garlands and trees – as soon your house starts to resemble Narnia you are about halfway there. Scandi Christmas decorations are all about bringing the outside in, especially at this time of year. You can literally have them everywhere from floor to ceiling.

Light Up With Candles or LED Candles

If there isn’t an abundance of candles and warm, diffused Christmas lighting dotted around, can you even call it Scandi? And if having lit candles dotted around your house probably isn’t very realistic, recreate that cosy glow with plenty of artificial lights.

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