Nursery Decor Ideas and Tips

The nursery is your baby’s first home. And the space that welcomes them into the world should boast an inviting, calming, and fun atmosphere full of wonder. Of course, your baby’s room also needs to be functional and comfortable for the you. Let’s look at some nursery decor ideas and tips to ease and guide your own decorating process.

Accent Wall Using Wallpaper

Sometimes the pattern you like can be a bit overwhelming if you cover an entire room with it. The colors are too bright or the paper has large patterns. Why not use it on an accent wall instead? You can also use wallpaper to divide the room into functional areas. A brightly patterned wall makes a great background for the changing table or playpen. Depending on your likings, you can for nature-inspired scene that makes you feel calm and soothing or fun loving ones that bring life to the room.

Minimalist Theme Gallery Wall

Give your nursery a retro feel by using a wooden crib and framed pictures of different sizes to create a gallery wall.

Exposed Closet

I love a baby nursery that exposes the closet, so all those cute and tiny onesies are on display, adding color, texture, and general cuteness.

Neutral Nursery That Uses Color

Neutral nurseries can still be bright and even colorful; the key is to keep it streamlined with one or two accent colors. Rattan accents and wood and orange pops keep this lovely room neutral yet playful. Layered rugs and drapery around the crib add texture and interest.

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