Open Kitchen Shelving Decor & Organization Tips

Open kitchen shelving has been in trend for the longest time. It can act as both decor and storage. However time has shown us that there are two groups, ones that loves them and believe that open shelves are both beautiful decorations and additions to standard kitchen cabinetry and the other that hates them, believing that they aren’t practical at all as they collect dust and difficult to be organized. But whichever group you fall or maybe you have no preference, if you have open shelving in your kitchen, we hope our sharing can give you some insight about it!

Tip 1: Storage jars– Storage Jars looks great for an open shelf. Consider getting those beautiful ones made with glass, ceramic or metal to store your regularly used items such as sugar, flour, tea, coffee and keep them off the counter so you have more free space to work. Also as they are easily reached on an open shelf, you can grab them without having to open a cabinet with (potentially) messy fingers.

Tip 2: Essential Items – Most practical and commonly seen items on open kitchen shelves are daily essentials like coffee mugs, plates and bowls. These are great items to be placed on open shelves as they are easy to reach and can make your morning a bit more efficient. Also just like how bars and restaurants display their glassware, your guests can just help themselves without going through every cabinet for a coffee mug or water glass. As these are items that are used frequently, they rarely have issues of dust buildup as they won’t sit for long. 

Tip 3: Drinking Glasses – Glasses are especially attractive items to store on an open shelf because their clear material reflects light and can give your kitchen a bright and breezy look. If you do have some unique pieces, these shelves can be a great place to showcase your collection. The best way to store glasses in an open shelf is to place them upside down (as is typically done in restaurants) to effectively seals out dust and debris, so the glass is clean and ready to use whenever you grab it.

Tip4: Serveware – You can mix and match different textures and colors serveware such as porcelain, ceramic to make the overall effect interesting and approachable. If you prefer a more subdued look, try sticking to all pale-colored objects. However to avoid being monotonous, you can try contrasting whites and off-whites to highlight the subtle undertones, along with a touch of glass and the occasional metallic accent.

Tip 5: Cookware & Bakeware – Cutting boards of different material and sizes can create a dynamic look to your kitchen. You can also stack cake pans, trays, casserole dishes, pasta pots or baking dishes on a shelf as it minimizes the need to look for it at the back of your cabinets.

Tip 6: Books – Having a few good cookbooks containing your favorite go to recipes is very handy for homeowners who love cooking. Besides cookbooks, you can also include coffee table books or some of your favorite reading materials which you can grab while enjoying a cup of coffee on your bar counter or breakfast nook. Display your books by playing with heights and directions. Playing with the arrangement by mixing different-sized objects and small or short stacks of items to enhance the decor of your open shelves.

Tip 7: Decorative Pieces -Small decorative items like artwork and small sculptures add extra character to your kitchen. Sometimes, this type of accessories are much needed to complete the overall look of your kitchen. In addition to small decorative pieces, you can use your open shelf as a “photo wall” to display framed family photos or black and white pictures.

Tip 8: Indoor Plants and Succulents – Indoor plants are great to add life and refreshing vibe to a busy space like a kitchen. Use open shelves to display small potted plants and low maintenance plants like succulents. Open shelving in the kitchen does not always have to be filled with lots of accessories and decor. In some settings, you only need a minimal display, such as a piece of potted indoor plant, to match the streamlined overall look of the space.

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