Relaxing and Cozy Bedroom Color Schemes

Colors play a powerful role in creating a relaxing and cozy bedroom. Not limiting to just bedroom walls, you can also use different color combinations in bedding, flooring, and furnishings. Let us share with you some general guidelines for choosing the best colors to create a room that feels cozy and calm.

Cozy:A room that is cozy gives you a warm and welcoming feeling, one that you would want to spend your weekends laze and snuggle in. The way to create that feeling is with the warm side of the spectrum, mainly like browns, yellows, oranges and red, basically earth like tones but soft, warm and slightly muted. These colors tend to be mid-tone or darker so as to create the comfortable and cozy feeling.

Calm:To create a calm, tranquil ambience in your bedroom, we are generally looking at the cool side of the spectrum such as gray, blue or green from dark shades to pastel tints. Consider the peaceful feeling when looking over the ocean or the clouds before the rain starts falling. These colors are low-key and delicate without any sort of edginess which allows you to easily relax and quietened down after a busy day.

You may be wondering how can you have both cozy and calm bedroom considering that the colors as advised, warm for cozy and cool for calm are almost in complete opposite of one another. Well you actually can and what we are going to show you below will change your mind about combining these contrary colors in your bedroom because it actually looks pretty together. We will be using different home decor items such as knit and fur bedspreads, blankets, rugs and also art pieces to accessorize and add colors to your room. Just a small tip, the only caveat is to avoid the brightest shades of these colors. We hope the living room designs that we have collated below for you will encouraged you and be a good source of inspiration for you.

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