Rustic Home Decor and Interiors

Rustic interiors are hard not to love. That’s because rustic design is all about celebrating natural materials, warm neutral colors, weathered finishes, and the vintage aesthetic. These are all rustic decor elements that play up a deep sense of comfort and charm.

Natural Colors

Keep it light and bright. Paint using natural colors like white, cream, greige, gray, blue and light green.

Natural Lighting

Make the most of your natural lighting. Keep your windows bare, if you can. If not, then use sheer cotton curtains or wooden blinds that can be left open whenever possible.

Wooden Accents

Hardwood floors, shiplap walls, and rustic wooden cabinetry are great to incorporate. If you are on a budget, you can also add smaller wooden decorative items with a vintage feel, like rough wood picture frames, reclaimed window frames that have been decorated, or even handpainted signs.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Speaking of piling on pillows, lots of layered textiles is an essential rustic decor element. Layers add depth, warmth, and a homey feeling, so it’s key to add layers at all levels in a room—the floor (rugs), mid-level (with furniture like a sofa and poufs), and walls and windows (curtains). Because rustic interiors feature mostly neturals, layering textiles is a great way to play up the few patterns you might have and bring out the softness of light-color textiles.

Mix Your Materials

Mixing different rustic decor and natural materials to add interest and depth to your spaces. The key is to create contrast with neutral colors and natural tones, hard and soft materials, and old and new furnishings.

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