RV Campervan Interior Decor Ideas

Home is where your park it. That is what van life is about and is increasingly popular nowadays as the COVID-19 pandemic continues its hold on the United States.  As many are searching for a safer way to travel, there is an increase in road trips and the explosion of a new trend known as “van life”. Gone are the days when a vehicle is just merely for transport, you can now turn them into tiny homes. What a quarantine-friendly way to travel! Let us look into some RV Campervan interior decor ideas to make these mobile homes beautiful and cozy.

RV Decor Idea 1: Boho Tribal Style. Using black and white as the main color scheme, we introduce bohemian geometric pattern area rug, art piece and kitchen tiles to enhance the decor of the kitchen area. But as the classic black and white color can be rather cool, we will recommend to put some small potted plants to inject some green in the space and balance the overall look.

RV Decor Idea 2: Warm Earth Tone Decor. With the intention to be as close to nature as possible, we have chosen a natural dark walnut brown as the main color for the kitchen countertop, dining table and floor. Here we uses an earth tone olive green for the seats’ fabric and throw blanket to compliment the look.

RV Decor Idea 3: Bright Nordic Style. We have chosen a lighter oak wood color for the countertop and dining table to contrast with the white cabinets, making the entire space brighter. The decorative string lights not only brighten the whole area but is a perfect decor to create a romantic atmosphere in the night.

RV Decor Idea 4: Modern Chic Look. Actually small decor items can transform or enhance your style. Just with a stylish orange and brown rope plant basket, throw pillows and blankets against a light grey couch and curtain, your whole dining area looks fresh and pretty.

RV Decor Idea 5: Green Element. Besides using plants to bring in more life and colors to the RV space, we can try out ceramic kitchen tiles with simple designs like this which has its natural shine and light green.

RV Decor Idea 6: Neat & Organized. Is extremely important to keep your space free of clutter especially in small living area in a camper van. Try to keep things to the minimal and tuck them nicely in storage baskets such as the wicker baskets that are made of natural materials and environmental friendly.

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