Scandinavian Interior Design Ideas

The Scandinavian interior design is one of the most popular styles since the 50s. It is characterized by minimalism, simplicity, and functionality. This is a style that is closely associated with nature by using natural shapes and materials, such as leather, wood, and fabric. The interior design is loved by many because of our natural attraction towards cleaniness and tidyness, and this style fullfill our desire to live in inviting and comfortable settings.  Let’s take a peek into this nordic inspired home for some inspiration to design your own home the scandinavian way.

Idea 1: – The Cozy Corner

Hygge, a Danish and Norwegian word to describe the mood for cozyness and contentment is a key element in the Scandinavian style. Try making a cozy corner in your bedroom by placing a soft chair next to the window, a place where you can fully relax and perhaps read a book, ideally with a cup of coffee or tea.

Idea 2: – Relaxing Bedding

Try layered bedding which includes a blend of linen sheets, wool blankets, and a small collection of accent pillows to help make your bedroom feel more soothing and inviting. Go for neutral muted colors such as white, gray and brown to create the well balanced look. Iconic lighting is also common in Scandinavian bedrooms, often using the ceiling fixture and bedside lamp to showcase the modern style.

Idea 3: – Dedicated Cozy Dressing Area

This gray curtain act both as a great feature ‘wall’ and a classy divider between the sleeping and dressing area, dedicating this space just for your vanity table. Now, you can indulge in dressing up with this minimalist Scandinavian vanity table that is made purely of wood and pair it with a similar material chair decorated with a furry fluffy throw. A big pot of indoor plant bring the beauty in your interior to the next level.

Idea 4: Refreshing & Relaxing Bathroom

A Scandinavian bathroom is usually all-neutral: white, off-white, beige, tan and light gray. Here we have used the same gray curtain that was used in the bedroom as a divider, extending the style to the bathroom. Just keeping it simple and just added potted greenery to bring color and a fresh feel to the bathroom.

Idea 5: Natural Light

A Scandinavian theme living room is a welcoming space and this can be best achieved by allowing plenty of light to get in. Minimize your window treatment to prevent any blockage of natural light. If you need to use window coverings for some privacy, opt for light fabrics such as sheer curtains. On a breezy day, the movement and reflection of lights through the sheer curtains are just refreshing and uplifting.

Idea 6: Open Concept Kitchen

Open spacious living is one of the highlights in the Scandinavian style and by adopting the open concept kitchen with an island or penisula, it extends your living area to the kitchen with social seating area, allowing more informal and relaxed area to sit, eat, chat and work. Getting the right bar stools for the perfect balance of simplicity, style and sturdiness of a ‘Scandi’ inspired kitchen. You can accessorize your kitchen by displaying an array of wooden chopping boards that inject some elements of nature into your kitchen environment, aligning perfectly with the rustic trend.

Idea 7: Wood, Metal and Light Color Flooring

The flooring is usually made from light hardwood materials, either in its natural light color or painted in white. Laminated light flooring is a great idea for your Scandinavian design. Besides flooring, a Scandinavian design uses wood elements in many of the furniture and fixtures too. But in order not to be overwhelmed with just wood, the recent trend is to balance it with some use of metallic features too such as brass pendants dangling from theceiling, adding glimmer and shine to the entire space.

Idea 8: Simple Warm Decorative Living Space

Simplicity is the core in Scandinavian interior design. Add texture and subtle color to your Scandinavian interior by decorating your couches with throws and pillows that have simple geometric prints. Go for warm textiles made from wool or fur, making your living room feel exceptionally cozy and warm this winter.

Idea 9: Scandi Style Dining Area

The dining table is often the largest piece of furniture in the dining area so it is important to pay special attention to this key piece. Opt for a solid wood top dining table pair with chairs. Decorate it with huge glass vases at the center and your dining space will be instantly transformed. Here we uses a curvy pendant light that is simple yet with style to compliment the whole decor.

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