Small Bathroom Storage Ideas and Tips

Nothing makes a small bathroom feel smaller like lots of clutter so our recommendation for any small bathroom design should start with a good declutter, and by moving any items that you don’t need to access on a daily basis off site to a closet or other out-of-sight storage area. Let us explore some clever and good looking small bathroom storage ideas and tips that will make your small bathroom look and feel larger than it is.

Tall and Narrow Shelving

To add extra storage to your teeny-tiny bathroom, look for a narrow shelving unit. You’ll be surprised at how much extra space this provides. You can always style it by adding some natural elements such as using seagrass and wicker baskets on the shelve to organize your items.

Mirror Storage Cabinet

In a small bathroom, one of the best way is to install a classic mirrored medicine cabinet which not only hides the clutter but the mirror function to enlarge the bathroom space.

Repurpose old or unused furniture

Check out this creative and unique planter stand which is created by repurposing old furniture wood. You can refresh your bathroom with small planter stand like this which add personal style and a taste of nature to this compact space.

Add Over-the-toilet Shelving

It’s important not to waste any space in small bathrooms, including wall space over the toilet. The space over the toilet is a good spot for a few shelves or an over-the-toilet rack, both of which can hold towels, baskets, or jars. You can also add a DIY plywood pegboard wall with adjustable shelves to store bath supplies, towels, toilet paper, or anything else that needs organizing. This is a great way to fully utilize of the vertical space in your small bathroom.

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