Small Living Room Inspiration

A tiny living room presents the opportunity to create a bold and cosy space, something that isn’t always easy to do in larger living room ideas. That being said there is a certain amount of skill involved when crafting a petite living room into a functional space that works for the whole family. In a small space, you have to dedicate time to getting the building blocks of the room right, including how to arrange furniture in a small living room, once you get the right everything else should be gravy.

Soften with Curved Edges

When decking out your small living room, look for furniture with curved edges to offset all the harsh angles, from the doorframe to the windows. An oval or round coffee table in warm wood softens the look in this small, cosy living room. Curvy furniture, soft furnishings and even the cute rounded leaves of a money plant will make a small living room feel inviting.

Switch out The Sofa

Can a living room still be a living room without a sofa? The answer is a responding yes! While choosing the best sofa might be the conventional furniture choice if you’re working with tiny living room ideas it could be worth considering a lounger, day bed or cuddle seat, over small living room sofa ideas.

Go Big with A Rug

In a small living room, the worst design mistake you can make is going small with your rug choice. If it is floating like an island between your furniture it will only make the space look smaller. This is your opportunity to go big so seize it. However, you do need to make sure the rug your choose is in proportion to your furniture and space. A good guide to follow is to ensure that your rug is larger than the biggest piece of furniture.

Create a Focal Point with A Gallery Wall

Centre your lounge space with gallery wall ideas above the sofa. Frame photos, prints, wallpaper samples and pressed flowers to create something that brings personality. The visual interest created by a cluster of prints will distract from the fact the room is small and anchors the space.

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