Wall Collage Pictures Aesthetic and Ideas

Wall collages can include quite a variety of things, can take on different shapes and include different themes. Its up to you to choose a theme that best defines you and your space. People often include personal photos of family, some of travel, quotes and more. You can mix in a variety of texture in wall collages as there are no rules. Today, we are going to look at eclectic style which encompasses a variety of periods and styles and is brought together through the use of color, texture, shape, and finish.

A Theme

The point of an eclectic gallery wall is to mix it up, but you also need to know what overall theme you want to incorporate on the wall, or it can get really overwhelming. Do you want it to be all family photos, art, travel, design?

An Anchor

However, when you use multiple sizes, you want to start by using something large as an anchor. This makes your eye drawn to start at one “anchor” point and then move around.

Tell A Story

Most importantly, you want every piece to tell a story! Make this gallery wall a conversation piece of art for your home.

Multiple Sizes

For true eclectic style, you want to use multiple sizes of frames, prints, pictures, and art. And then you want to make sure the sizes draw your eye around. When you fill your wall with various size frames, it will create visual interest and curiosity to the story that you want to tell.

Verticals and Horizontals

Like a jigsaw puzzle, start surrounding the anchor piece with either vertical or horizontal pieces, whichever way they fit the best snug around. Take a step back, admire, and shift pieces until it makes sense.  


We recommend using 2″ – 3″ between frames as it is best to have frames too close together rather than too far apart. Having the frames too far apart could cause it to feel busy or cluttered rather than uniform. Think of your eclectic gallery wall as one piece (your gallery wall), versus thinking of it as a bunch of various frames and decor on your wall. 

Mix Up The Frames

Choose 2-3 different colors, styles, and finishes—eclectic means bringing many styles together, not just one. And is brought together through the use of color, texture, shape, and finish, and this is easy to do with the frames you use!

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