Wall Decor & Design Ideas

When you have moved into a new place be it rented or owned, everyone is eventually confronted with the difficult decision of what to do with that large, windowless wall. Admittedly, many people have a complicated relationship with blank walls. Sometimes, a bare wall can feel refreshing—especially when a room is filled with bold furniture, printed area rugs, and plenty of objets. But more often than not, a blank wall can appear neglected and, let’s face it, boring. So do you want to bring style to every square inch of your space, walls included? Check out these wall decor and design ideas that can instantly add life and freshen up your home!

Idea 1: Tailoring and Customizing Wallpaper

Choosing your preferred colors, usually I will recommend solid colors to avoid overcrowding your wall. Start cutting them into different shapes and sizes to stick over the plain wall surface so that you can freshen and style up your space.

Idea 2: Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are easy and simple to use. Not only can they increase your storage capacity, they are great in decorating your room wall that looks plain and boring with books, ornaments and even painting on them. If you would like to create a green corner like one of the pictures here, you can use these shelves for your varieties of plants too and your house will be quickly brighten up. Floating shleves are also widely seen in kitchen which you can use to display kitchen utensils like bowls, glasses and mugs.

Idea 3: Decorative Art Pieces or Paintings

With a simple hook (drill in or if you are renting a place, adhesive hook), you can hang your favorite art piece or painting to beautify the wall of your room. You can easily change the pieces when you are in different seasons or mood, giving you great flexibility and freedom. Just bear in mind to take into consideration the style of your room, the location as well as the number of painting to hang so as not to overwhelm the space.

Idea 4: Simple Hand Painting

You dont need to be professional or experience in art in order to paint on your own wall. Check out this laundry room wall, what you need is just some creativity! You can just add simple colors and lines that eventually turns out to be an interesting piece of art on an original boring wall.

Idea 5: Wall Planter Hooks

Consider getting these metal wall planter hooks and place your beloved plants in them. It is best to go with a standardized color and design for the plant pots and also space them out when you mount them on the wall to create an organized and pleasant look.

Idea 6: Mirror with Natural Elements

Mirrors are great accessories to decorate your wall especially one featured in this picture which is made with natural bamboo. It became a focal point on the wall and beautify the space.

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