Wall Decor Aesthetics

If you think your room looks incomplete or bare, it may need a few pieces of art on the walls. All it takes is a few refreshing and stylish pieces of artistic decor to liven up a dark or dull corner of a room. Let loose and have fun completing your room with decor that reflects your personality. Let’s explore some wall decor aesthetics ideas to spark your creativity.

Mix and Match Frame for Wall Art

Combine a variety of frames, canvas prints, and other wall art materials for a diverse wall art display. The eyes are naturally drawn to a spread with texture and dimension. Check out our wall art selection to get started.

Macrame Art

If you’re in search of bohemian decor, macramé wall hangings should be at the top of your list. These lightweight, airy pieces are typically made with natural materials and they create an instant boho-chic feel in any space. Macrame has now come back into fashion with a vengeance—and with designs that offer a twist on the traditional styles.

Style with Plates on the Wall

Liken it to a storied artwork or sculpture: Dishware is developing a renewed kind of cultural cachet as design aficionados are decorating with plates on the wall. China is no longer something registered for before a wedding or reluctantly inherited from Granny—it has become an extension of an outfit, part of one’s personal style.

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