Warm Earth Toned Home Decor Ideas

Warm, earth-toned colors make any space feel inviting and homey. Warm colors are most often used for upholstery and accents, and they can make a room feel cozy. To help give you some ideas on how to create an aesthetically pleasing sanctuary, we’ve rounded up our favorite warm earth-toned spaces in the house.


Adding a beige or light brown area rug or carpet to your entire room can drastically warm it up. They add texture and depth to the space and can turn a cold, hard floor into a warm, welcoming one. The huge range of colors, styles and materials they come in also means that no matter what the style of your bedroom is you’ll be able to find one that suits your space.


One of the best ways to warm up a space is by having wooden furniture. Wood is by far one of the most warm toned materials you can find and by bringing more wooden furniture into living space, like an arm chair, lounge, or couch, cozies up the space by taking up more room and adding more texture, creating the ultimate feeling of warmth without adding any extra heat. This is an especially good way to warm up large space that feel bare or empty without the extra bit of furniture.


One good way to create the warmness and coziness of a place is by having a central natural texture light fixture such as wicker pendant light, rattan ceiling light or jute chandelier. These earth toned natural elements together with warm light bulb bring new touches of the natural world into your home and enhance the warmth in the dining area.

Bathroom & Entryway

In keeping with the natural elements, bringing plants into your entryway and bathroom are another way to balance the warm earth toned used in the area. Not only do they add life and coziness to these area that are generally smaller in space, their air purifying properties help keep feeling fresh and welcoming.

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